President's greeting

The pension system in Japan was established half a century ago. At that time, there was no information technology (IT) and the pension record was kept in paper. In ten years ago, when "basic pension number system" was introduced, questionable and incomplete points were found in some past pension records.

As the incomplete pension record is one big factor behind the distrust towards the pension system, the trust of the pension system in Japan is remarkably decreased and developed into a change of government. Recently, some scholars and mass media take this chance and tend to inflame the distrust towards the pension system. With 70 million subscribers and 35 million beneficiaries, an over 50 trillion yen per year expenditure is paid to the elderly every year without delay. Moreover, currently, two thirds of the elderly are living only by the pension income.

The pension system in Japan, which contributes significantly to the regional economics and permeates deeply into Japanese society, should not be allowed to be collapsed. In the last Diet session, the Comprehensive Reform of Social Security and Tax was established, and the social security reform Diet conference was held, and the pension system has become a major theme. In this kind of social movement, in order to dispel the sources of distrust and anxiety towards today's pension system and establish a reliable pension system, Institute of Strategic Solutions for Pension Management was established as a general corporation on October 1, 2012. With an investment strategy based on proper risk and a sound pension financial management supported by actuary, it conducts comprehensive studies of public pension and corporate pension and provide policy recommendations from various aspects. Please join us if you would like to study in a wide range of fields such as law, economics, social security, employment, investment, actuary which in agreement with the aim of our institution.

With the aim of becoming an organization which is trusted by the people of Japan as well as researches, all of our executives and employees will put our all into the work with the cooperation of the advisors. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.